Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The plot thickens

This morning I had a call from the beloved to say that they have decided to operate & that I can ring in four hours to hear how it went. It should be plain sailing and he will be in for another week. One hour later another call (hmm, that's odd, thought he would be under the anaesthetic by now)to say that just as they were wheeling him out they discovered he has MRSA. They have to treat him for a week for this and then they test him again. If it is clear then they can operate but if not then another week of treatment. Apparently they can operate when you have it but its not a good idea as it get into wounds and causing major (really major) complications. The don't want to consider this unless unavoidable because of his heart condition.

So for a few weeks it seems we must adapt to a new life pattern. At the moment I leave work, home to change and collect whatever is required from the house and shop (fruit by the sackful!) and then off to the hospital. I leave the hospital at kicking out time and then some, about 9pm. Back home to tidy the kitchen, do some washing etc and then into bed and to sleep at 10pm. Unfortunately I can't sleep for more than an hour or so at a time because it is too quiet. My sister says I should burn a CD of beloved snoring but he doesn't really snore, just a gentle background sound, more like purring. I apparently don't like the silence that I always thought I craved.

Tomorrow I will look for some fabric & some silks in my cupboard and embark on a little needlework. I don;t often do this as life is usually quite full and hours spent in an armchair are not a part of it. However this week I sit beside a bed for 3 hours at a time every evening. Maybe I can get a few Christmas presents made ahead of time. I will be popping over to Down to Earth to use some of Rhonda's stitchery patterns. Hopefully the children will continue to manage with their own cooking (how much mess can a dish of pasta cause - plenty!) for a while and I will have a good cooking session at the weekend and stock the fridge up with nice dishes.

Good night all

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