Wednesday, 9 April 2008

More fruit peel

So after writing yesterdays post I decided to check up on pomegranate peel. Rather unbeleivably it is wonderful stuff. I am not sure if you can actually prepare it yourself (more research ahead) but you certianly can buy it from a pharmacy and it will make you live forever ( It didn;t actually say that but I thought it was implied).

I still havn't started the embroidery which I intended to take to the hospital wioth me because although I have plenty of time on my hands sitting around up there, I dont actually have very much back here at the house. My routine is work from 8am to around 5pm (I would normally work later but am sciving off early to the hospital). Up to the hospital until they close for visitors. Should be 8.30pm but last night I accidently stay until after 9pm and no-one noticed. Back home for some supper, usually a sandwich, and a bath, write my blog, check my home email and work email (aha, maybe no-one will notice that I skip off early if I answer my mail at night). The into my bed. Which is where I am now, so nighty night.

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