Under the knife at last

I have a lovely picture to load but its on my phone and I need help from the kids to get it onto here. Beloved is balancing a tower of oranges on his bedside cupboard because he is so bored. I have a shot of his photographing his own orange tower!

Finally there is a possibility that they wil operate on a very grumpy beloved tomorrow afternoon. We havn't heard this officially and no-one has told him not to order breakfast but sister beleives he is booked for tomorrow pm. He was bored, tired, grumpy and in pain yesterday when i visited and today just the same. So now we need the operation to go ahead if its possible and then some days to recover and then...HOME.

I have to say the hospital is lovely and the staff are really nice. He has his own room (which I would love, just reading and sleeping but which he hates as he likes to chat to the other old chaps) because he is in isolation. Thank god for the NHS because 14 days in a private hospital would have bankrupted us I think. I finally decided to sign up for a private health package that is provided free at my work about a month back only to find that it was not a part of the new contract I signed up to before Christmas. Fifteen years I had the option for it but I didn't take it, now I finally decided that its a good idea and its no longer available! Grrr

So now we can plan to get a little more back to normal. I am plannig a trip to the market on Saturday because they have a fruit stall which sells the nicest fruit and is affordable. I have an order for navel oranges and pomegranates (looks like I am going to be okay for preserved orange peel and powdered pomegranate skin for some time).