What makes home 'home'

I am focussing a lot on home this week because I am feeling 'home deprived'. I am at work (its year end -yuck) or at the hospital until almost bed time. Then I get home and its not home at all, its just my house. It doesnt have the right feel to it at all.

So why not? Well of course because 25% of the family isn't there but also becasue I am not speding enough time there to feel a part of it. When I have a moment I am running washing machine or stacking dishwashers, running around with the vacuum cleaner but not taking care of my home in the proper way. It probably doesnt look appreciably different but it doesnt feel right.

What makes you house into your home? I think this is the chance to say its all about me,me,me. The book on the shelf are our choice. The DVDs on the cupboard are what we would like to watch. The fridge food that we like to cook. The temperature of the house is as we like it. The washing is a smell which we like. The noise in the hosue is our noise. You rarely hear TV noise but you did get quite bit of music (eldest son appears to be surgeically attached to his guitar) and laughter. Our bed is the most confirtable anywhere,ever - I assume most people feel the same way about their bed. I have pretty much absolute contentment in my home on most occasions.

I cant make home feel right this week and I wont really be trying because we provide to appreciate that we are separated and things are not quite as they should be. In a week or so we can working on getting everything back to normal.


  1. I sure hope your husband comes home quickly and has a fast recovery, so that your house can feel like a home again!

  2. Thanks mom2fur. I am trying to concentrate on making it as welcoming as possible for him in the short time I get to spend here at the moment.
    Best Wishes


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