Friday, 4 April 2008

Time to sit

Well with all my hospital visiting I have never done so much sitting around!
Whilst he is available (conscious) then I chat but I do get a fair bit of reading time when the doctors or nurses come around to do something or when he drives off into a morphine snooze.

Today I came across some really nice recipes which i would like to share. Recipes might actually be too strong a word but they are things to cook at the least.

Almond Brioche Toast
Lightly toast some slices of brioche. Sprinkle with grated marzipan on one side and toast (under a grill( until it starts to bubble lightly. Serve with Greek yogurt and a warm fruit jam.

Lemon Curd
4 unwaxed lemons, rind and juice
4 free range organic eggs
110g/4oz creamery butter
450g/1lb white granulated sugar

1. Grate rind of lemons and squeeze out juice. Put sugar, rind and juice, butter and beaten eggs into a large basin on top of a pan of simmering water. Stir with a wooden spoon until thick and curd coats the back of the spoon. Pour into warm sterile jars, cover, seal and label. Refrigerate.

Lemon curd is yummy on toast and on hot crumpets but also good to stuff profiteroles (instead of the cream or maybe mixed with it) and serves a nice lemony caramel instead of the chocolate sauce. Also good to dollop in butterfly cakes or add some zing to a trifle.

I am always afraid I will be stuck with too much lemon curd if I make it fresh but once you start realising you can do more with it than just 'on toast' then I don't think you will. I am definitely going to plant lemons at the Greek house.

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