BBCI player

I have just discovered a very reasonably priced (by which I mean free) source of entertainment.

We do have a TV but don't very often watch it and certainly don't have any idea what time or day particular programmes come on. At work today a friend of mine said that I had missed a really good programme this week. I assumed it was too late worry about it and asked to let me know if he ever heard it was coming on again. Instead he directed me to the BBC news website. From there I had to click through to something called BBCI player. I downloaded the Iplayer software and them had a choice of programmes which I could watch online or download for any other time within the next 3days.

I am not suddenly going to download programmes every five minutes but I think its quite a nice idea especially if you are likely to be travelling or alone for some period. Personally I think I would aways prefer a book but someone like Beloved, who is dyslexic, would find this very useful.

Of course it is also a BBC service which means, in my opinion at least, that the programmes are of good quality. I am downloading ny first programme as I write this so will ahve the opportunity to feed back in a few days time.


  1. Hi Lizzie,

    I've just found the BBC iplayer through you blog and watched an interesting programme called Women in Black - Thanks :)

    Have a good weekend

  2. Hi Sparkly
    Thats good. I cant beleive I didnt know about it for so long. Spread the word!!


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