Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Wednesday already

On Wednesday our dinner is something simple, beans on toast, noodle soup ( I was introduced to this by my Chinese friend, Irene)cheese on toast or something similar. This week I bought a lot of salad vegetables because they start to taste good again at this time of year. So our snack dinner this week was organic wholemeal pitta with peanut butter & lettuce. I really tasty sandwich and nothing like you would expect it to taste. Unfortunately I made the mistake of reading the contents of the jar & of course there was far more inside than just peanuts. So I have decided to make some peanut butter at the weekend, to see if it is possible to have tasty peanut butter without 'e' numbers, stabilisers and sugar. Of course I need to find peanuts which don't already have loads of additives. Maybe we will get to the stage where I have to grow my own peanuts but hopefully not!
Beloved also ate 2 cucumbers! I need to plant some cucumber plants here at the house, in pots, to keep up with the cucumber habit of my men.
I also need to try an aubergine or two in pots because I like them in our version of moussaka & also Beloved makes Baba Ganoush, similar to Houmous but much much better. I am going to have to learn to do these for myself because beloved is away for 13weeks in the summer! I can see the diet around here wont be so exiting and the house will start to fall down!


  1. Hi Lizzie,
    Thanks for an interesting blog,I've really enjoyed reading it.
    My hubby makes his own peanut butter by whizzing peanuts in the food processor and then adding oil a bit at a time until he gets the consistency he likes. It's isuall olive oil he uses & he say it tastes much better than the shops. I'll take his word for that as I can't even stand the taste or even the smell of it.

    Kim, Hereford UK

  2. Hi Kim
    Thanks for this.
    I tried it yesterday with packet peanuts. The food processor doesnt seem to be able to cope, so maybe I need to use the blender attachment (wonder where that is). My husband said it wasn't sweet enough! I guess they have had Sunpat for so long that they are expecting the additives.
    It is weird stuff for sure (all peanut butter not just mine). It always seems to stick my mouth togther which is why it improves with the additin of lettuce i guess.


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