A day of rest

Another day off. I love long weekends.
It rained all night from Sunday to Monday so the bushes and trees which were transplanted are very happy. It was still raining hard this morning and so another day in the garden did not seem a good idea. Baby was meeting friends and going to the cinema so, after a bit of pottering around at home, we decided to give him a lift and, on the spur of the moment, we decided to have lunch out. There is a really good Colonial Indian Restaurant in town. It is decorated in the style of the Raj and far too expensive for us even for a celebratory meal. They do however have a lunch buffet which is very affordable. £6.50 for unlimited buffet, starters, curries, rice, vegetables, salads and dips, naan bread and poppadoms. We don't go out very often so we did eat quite a bit. In fact we wont need to eat again for quite some time! It was lovely though. We had the pleasing surroundings, lovely food and an opportunity to sit quietly together and chat. A bargain.