Monday, 5 May 2008

My Simple Day

A three day weekend gives even those of us in full time employment a chance to have some stay at home time.

Saturday was a day of errands, some shopping, dropping broken toe son at the spots centre (don't ask!)and then to the allotment with the family to dig up the fruit bushes & trees.

Sunday has been an all together gentler day. This morning a little cleaning. Then a lovely lunch of chicken & potatoes, cooked in the oven in Lemon Juice and a little olive oil & black pepper. Two minutes of preparation and then just left to gentle cook in the warm oven. The lovely smell was making its way all around the house & tempting everyone to the table. Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to eat together with everyone being in and out today (except me, refusing to leave my lovely refuge today!). During he afternoon I spent some more time in the garden tidying up from the building work. I planted all of the fruit bushes and trees in the garden & the weather kindly rained with ten minutes of my finishing. It was lovely warm rain though and didn't make me seek the indoors at all. Later I caught up on paperwork for the swim school and for the house. I am in bed now, content after my busy but peaceful day. Tomorrow another lovely day at home. I love bank holidays.

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