Hummus (also spelled hamos, houmous, hommos, hommus, hummos, hummous or humus

Tonight Beloved decided to make some houmous. Years ago we always made houmous from scratch. Soaking chickpeas and boiling them for ages, then blitzing them with garlic and tahina paste. Now we don't have so much time on our hands, at least for the moment, & although we still cook from scratch for most things, some of the more labour intensive don't get made very often. Today we decided to try making houmous but not quite from scratch. Beloved bought two tins of chickpeas for 37p each. We used a half jar of Tahina - approx 50p for the half jar. Juice of three lemons (value from Tesco - total 30p)Two cloves of garlic, from the garden. A little salt to crush the garlic.

He used the stick blender to puree the chickpeas in their water, then used the food mixer to add all the other ingredients, having already crushed the garlic to a cream with the sale. These ingredients made a Pyrex casserole dish full (maybe three pints). The total cost was less than £1.50. You could refill at least ten of the little pots of Houmous that Lidl sell for over £1. So we are £8.50 ahead, assuming that we don't waste the dip. From now on then I think this will be our choice for Houmous. Now we have to consider a few other foods which we can make from almost scratch.
By the way Houmous is the Arabic word for chickpeas.


  1. It looks great Lizzie.

    I wish I could make stuff. I'm hoping that when I get to Portugal and lead a more relaxed life the inner cook in me will emerge!

  2. u911Aha, I have seen photos of your house. It looks lovely and I suspect you spend more time on the housework than I do! Portugal will release the inner cook/chef I am sure. All the lovely ingredients and the time to do somethng with them.

  3. lizzie you can't see the dust in the photos! I spend 20 mins a day clearing away mess, dh cleans for an hour at the weekend ;)


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