Saturday, 3 May 2008


Continuing on my theme of being hopeless I also forgot to take my bag to work with me yesterday. This morning I came down to find the dishwasher had not done its work. I checked it was plugged in etc and still couldn't work it. In the end I switched it on and then it worked much better!! Oh, dear.

Anyway I have now had 10 hours of sleep so perhaps today my brain starts to work again.

This afternoon I am off to the allotment with my dad and my youngest son. We are digging up our fruit trees and bushes to bring them back to the gardens. The are a fair number of bushes. Some will go into the borders and the rest have to go into large pots. I have a feeling that this will take most of the day however I will also take the time to clean my floors right through and to get all my washing dried and put away.
Since we wont have the allotment from now on, and we were right to give it up since my sister and myself have both been working until late late late this week,there are so many offers of vegetable seedling. Hopefully we can have it back in future when we are able to work part time (or better yet, no time).

Its a lovely warm and sunny day but not too warm, just right for garden work.
Have a nice day!


  1. Is your DH well enough to help with the replanting at home?

    Lots of TLC will see them settle in great - and aren't gardening friends the best.

    Take care

  2. He came over with us and supervised! He is much better though and a whole new man. I think he must have been ill for some time and so in pain and the poison in his system. He looks about 10 years younger too.
    I think the planting is just me though. Everything is bagged in lots of damp soil so tomorrow I can take my time to find them the best homes. We are having loads of rain at the moment so that should make it easier for them.
    Bye for now Cathy


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