Thursday, 22 May 2008

Some good news and a new idea

I spent the evening at my sisters house yesterday. Half watching the football and mostly chatting. My sister said good news, the scarf she is knitting me for Christmas (last Christmas) is almost finished. That's lucky, as its my birthday in a couple of weeks. I bet not too many people have a scarf for their birthday in mid Summer. So I mentioned that I hadn't been able to knit or do needlework lately because my joints in my hands are too painful. My sister said the same, especially when it is the end of the month (invoicing time - they have their own business). However she found that as long as she takes an aspirin twice each week and cod liver oil tablets, then her joints improve when she knits after the initial couple of weeks. I have been wondering whether knitting through the pain would make my hand worse or better but now I am inspired to give it a go through the summer. Maybe by the winter I don't have the problems which I often have with painful joints in the wet weather. I have to make myself a note to remember my cod liver oil etc each day because I am very sporadic in my habits with it.

I was also thinking about how to adapt 'Move to Portugal' Laura's method of organising her paperwork to suit my own needs. I have a three tray set of in trays & intend to buy another the same. Each day as the post arrives it will be sorted into household - filing,payments, other action & business- filing, payments, other action. On Sunday morning payments will be made and filing completed. Other action can come to work with me for action during the weekdays (especially if it requires phone calls or visits). Sounds simple and easy to maintain. The only problem will be if I don't stick to it but hopefully if I make a real effort to make it a habit then I am on to a winner (and a winner with a tidy desk and no late payment charges too!)

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