Season of change

Tomorrow Beloved leaves us for three months. We will drive to the airport at lunchtime so that we are in plenty of time for the flight. Everything is packed except hand luggage. Insurance is bought. Drivers license is packed. Medication is definitely packed ( we once went without it and had to pay a taxi driver to chase us to the airport with the missing bag.)

From Monday I am working on my programme of improvements to the house and to our life (mostly based around organisation and introducing new habits.) I have another area which I should probably look at during the summer. One of my comments in my blog tile talks about our work towards financial security. I am considering a few things to bring in extra cash (I don't suddenly want to start spending, just want to pay my mortgage as soon as is reasonably feasible.)I have access to some really good jewellery from South American and from the Far East. However I am not a natural retailer. I know they are beautiful and good value but I don't know how to capitalise on what I know. Maybe I should just wear some myself and see if anyone asks about it. Maybe word of mouth is the best way. oh, dear. Looks like this isn't going to be my path to riches after all!!


  1. Hi Lizzie, safe trip to beloved :)

  2. Thank you!
    I am not feeling too bad at the moment, just convinced myself we are going out for the day. It will be a bit differnt when we get there i guess.


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