Friday, 25 July 2008

Happy Friday

I left work at 4.30 today! The work which has caused any number of my late nights is now out of my hands, at least until next year. So, although there is always work to be done, I could come home early without a conscience. I am hoping that gives me the mood for the weekend. Next weeks work is completely different. Working on the set up of the new computer system, shortlisting and interviewing for a new staff member and starting on procedures. I do think that a change is on the way to be as good as a rest, if not quite as good.

My son was offered a couple of days work this week helping out at a local boatyard. He worked really hard and long hours but yesterday came home saying that they all said he had taken too long to do the work and so he wouldn't be likely to be kept on. Today it is all changed. The boss went into the hull where my son had been working and was amazed and pleased at the standard of his work. Del, my son, expressed his own concerns about how long it had taken but the boss said it didn't matter, the standard of work was what mattered. He was so happy. He doesn't yet have any long term commitment but he has work tomorrow and Monday and thinks it should lead to more. Next week he must register as self employed, assuming he is to be kept for a while, and set up a standing order for his National Insurance payments. Lastly we need to find his old savings book so that he can put away 1/3 of his money each week ready for his tax bill. Now that is looking a little more upbeat and positive I will put in for his driving test again because I am sure it was his frame of mind that caused problems in the past.

On a lighter but less successful note, I resurrected my bread maker this week. I made a loaf from a packet. I t was awful. I cant understand how I can have so much trouble with something so simple. I made the loaf into bread pudding today and it tasted far better and had a better texture as well. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


  1. Which breadmaker do you have? Try looking at the old style board on as there are loads of recipes for bread on tere :)

  2. Hi Gem
    I will dig it out and have a look at the model (i put it back on top of the cupbaordsin a sulk when I had yet another failure.)and come on over to MSE for some advice. I have to say you can always find someone who knows the answer on MSE.


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