Another misc. kind of day

Update on the ipod. It seems quite simple to load music (just as well as my son took a whole 15 seconds to show me it in great detail, although he did download Itunes for me first). I have just loaded 120 songs ( I own quite a lot of music) and it isn't yet 15% full. So now I have been hoping around the BBc collecting podcasts of programmes I have missed during the week. Some music, some comedy and a couple of 'farming today' which I just couln't resist! Great fun.

Not so good with the craft activities. My joints are not so painful with crochet as with knitting however I dont really like the product of my labour. The wool is very jazzy and everything I can do with it is just too jazzy. My next idea if to knit small sqauares and the hold them togther with strips of black stocking stitch. All plain stocking stitch and just, effectively, a black blanket with highlights in the jazzy wool. More unravelling awaits!

I was reading the BBC website today, following an experiment of a woman who has given up plastic for 1 month. Unfortunately her council wont take unwrpped rubbish (like ours)so she considered wrapping it in news paper and then realised that it would actully mean less was recycled and more was in landfill. Not exactly a result. Not useful for me either as I dont buy papers and magazines. So, are bio degradeable plastic bags the answer for rubbish? She also was told that although the effect on the environment of disposable nappoies was awful, the effect of washables was about the same. Perhaps there is some low carbon bio degradeable option which is best? Compostable nappies? Why not?

I phoned my husband today. First time since SAturday. He is beggining to sound very sad and home sick. He has nearly another 4 weeks before we get him back. I have always dropped off to sleep after him. Once he is settled done for the night and I can hear his regular breathing, then it charms me straight off to sleep. In the last two months I have slept but not like I need to. I am going to sleep for 9 hours a night for the whole of September!!

Yesterday I took a day off work to go visit my sister on her holiday. She holidays in an area with no phone coverage (good idea)so I couldn't actually get a hold of her. So instead my dad came up for a few hours and re-seeded some of my lawn (we moved the last of the builders rubbish to the last hippo bag, fixed my washing line and mended my leaking gutter. I am spoilt and lucky and I know it.

So, a very miscellaneous sort of day.