Beloved is coming home from visiting his (enormous) family on 3rd September. I have 4 more weekend to get the house looking how I want it to look, and to have a few new habits in place before he returns.

Its time to make a list of a few things to do. I am going to work through the house room by room. I am endeavouring to do finish one room before starting the next (as per Laura's advice.) but of course some things are reliant on other things being finished first. Tomorrow I will work on my list & also get a start on the work. My son is helping with some of the traditional 'mans work' in the morning before he goes off to a party in the afternoon & evening. That's good for me, as I really don't get on well with woodwork, light fittings etc which all need doing.

So first plans for tomorrow include washing & line drying all of the washing.
Vacuuming each room (including inside of the gas fire, cupboard, freezer etc). Dumping the last of the builders rubbish in the hippo bag and arranging for its collection.

Another thing for the to do list. My son has a new job. There is no certainty in the future of the job because it is a boatyard, so orders equals works, no order equals no work. It is too small to carry staff through lean periods. Every morning, including Saturday, I have to wake him up at 30 minutes before my normal waking time and, as of today, again 15 minutes later. So I am thinking of buying him an alarm clock. But I am being really silly I am thinking I will jinx the job just by buying an alarm clock. But of course I wont, so just keep fingers crossed for him because tomorrow I am thinking of buying him an alarm clock!


  1. Hi Lizzie - I love reading your blog. Have to take issue with your latest post though - make your son get himself an alarm clock and HE must take responsibility for waking up at an appropriate time to get to his job. If he's old enough to hold down a job, he's old enough to get himself up. You deserve a lie in, you work hard all week, and you shouldn't be having to get up extra early to wake him up, specially not at the weekend! Keep writing - I really like reading about your life. Caroline x

  2. Hi Caroline
    I know, you are eright. But where he hasnt been able to find a job he has been feeling really negative about himself & he was worried he would sleep through an alarm clock so I was his safety net! He hasn;t been able toi find a job and now he is working 6 full days so he is really dog tired. Dont worry, I have dug an old one out and am testing it to make sure it always works. But, fingers crossed, next week he is on his own!!

  3. Glad to hear it, Lizzie. Hope he continues to enjoy his job, fingers crossed for him. Sounds like you've had a much more productive weekend than me, I've been very lazy this weekend, haven't managed to settle to anything. Just making myself a long list for the rest of the week!


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