Of Cowes & quiche & trojans

I have been out of action (in the virtual world anyway) because of a virus or Trojan or something. I think my laptop is still infected but I have managed to clear it enough to actually start to use it. I try not to be negative because I cant see the point of making your self miserable. However I am feeling very cross, grumpy and negative towards people who want to infect computers for their own entertainment. I assume it makes them feel powerful but I wasn't in awe of their skills, I just thought they should get a life. I have learnt far more about fighting them off over the last two days but I still haven't got my machine back under my control and I am not happy about that.

However, I am happy about other things. Yesterday I took the ferry to the Isle of Wight to visit my best friend from school. Scarily we worked out we have known each other for 35 years so I am now feeling ancient. I wont dwell on the cost of parking anywhere close to the ferry port as I will get all cranky again but next time I might well take the car and try to get a few foot passengers to get in with me to cover the cost of the ticket.

The rest of the day was great fun and I can really learn a few things about frugality and simplifying from the girl who once taught me to spend every penny I had before it burnt a hole in my pocket. My friend picked me up form the boat and we walked back to the town via the chain ferry. Its free for foot passengers or cyclists to take the ferry but car and bigger must pay. Eve parked back in the town, on the first patch a free parking that you come to, so we saved on ferry fare and also parking.

So, back to the house for a slice of home made malt loaf & cup of coffee whilst sitting at the freecycle tables and chairs in the back garden. The sun, noticeably absent from England this summer, even manage to break though the cloud at this point. We sat in the sun and planned our day. A friend of Eve had rented a beach hut for the week at Sandown. We packed a lunch of homemade pastys and quiches, potato salad ad cake and then set of to the beach. It was quite a walk to the beach and I find I definitely don't walk as fast as Eve. Resolve to get fit before visiting again!

The beach hut was pretty basic. A concrete hut with a shelf and hanging rail, and a wooden bench, also included was three deck chairs. We sat on the prom like old ladies on a seaside postcard until deciding ti was time for a nice cup of tea. Renting the hut, which was cold enough inside the act as walk in refrigerator for the picnic food, meant we also had access to a little shared kitchen and even some cups and others kitcheny bits. We had a (very bracing - eek)swim and then lunch. Before we knew it then it was time to move along. Back at Eves house she packed me a little takeaway meal, courgette quiche and malt loaf, to take on the boat. Tired and content it was time to make for home.

I made it to the boat with moments to spare but the boat was as crowded as i have ever seen and actually left over a half hour late. I had a seat because I didn't have to wait to load my car, just strolled aboard. Prime position with a little table. I tucked into my supper and read my book and listened to my ipod ( i can multi task!).

A gentleman came along and sat down beside me and was trying to balance his hot drink and cake on his lap as he ate. I suggested he swap places with me as I had finished with the table. He didn't want to move me but we swapped over and he was a lot more comfortable especially as it meant he could put his foot up & it appeared to be either plastered or heavily bandaged. Another lady joined us at the other end of the bench, whilst her teenage boys took a look around the boat. Another lady came around looking for a seat. She had a baby in a car seat and a toddler. We squeezed up and fitted her in as well. The toddler was found a little stool. The baby lady had to pop back to the cafe for something so the other lady sorted out the food for the toddler and chatted to her. When mum came back again, saying how they hadn't eaten all day as time had run away with them that the little girl must be starved, they tucked into he dinner as the baby looked on. Now baby wanted her bottle. Mum prepared it and then the other lady fed the baby on her lap. The lady with teenage boys missed having a baby and baby mum needed several pairs of hands, so it was nice for everyone. IN Britain we very often sit apart from others and don't strike up conversation or help each other. Not because we don't want to, I think, just because we are a bit shy and reserved and we don't like to intrude. The boat journey was very busy and we were all crushed in together and being closer together seem to crack through our reserve. Maybe we could do with being overcrowded in public places a bit more often???