Saturday - more to say!

A couple more things I meant to say

I had a great idea for Christmas presents after someone at work showed me their printed photo album from Jessops. Some of the prices are quite good and I am seeking out discount vouchers on the net. Sounds fun as it appeals to my creative side and isnt scarily expensive.

and there was something else I wanted to say but now I have forgotten it again.....


  1. My daughter gave me one for Christmas last year and I loved it. I was thinking of doing one for my mum this year but I don't think I'll be able to get all the photos out of the loft and scan them (don't have a scanner) so maybe next year instead.

  2. Thats one of the problems isn't it, gathering the actual photos. If I do one for my sister then I need insider assistance from my brother-in-law, which means I cant really do one for him too!
    I am glad you liked yours though, thats a good reason for me to consider it some more.


  3. I'm doing calendars from Vistaprint using my photos. I'll do the same calendar for my parents, in-laws, sister as I never know what to get them & it will be a personal present from us


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