Saturday 'to do' list

There are a few things which need my attention today

1) Pick up prescription for OH & pay for 12 month prescription prepayment card - cost £100 but savings in the hundreds because of the vast amount of meds we have to get to keep OH up and running in a year!

2)Stock up in Ginsters pasties from Somerfield. Each child is taking one of these for lunch every day at the moment & my mum has just phoned to say that they are on BOGOF this morning, so a chance to stock up.

3)Finish sort out fridge and freezer. I have my new fridge freezer and have been migrating things across but today I can get everything sorted, then straight in my head & possibly a bit of labelling.

4)Sort out clean washing -that's right all of this week washing is washed & dried and waiting to be put away! Oh will bring a few bundles of swimming washing to me after work but otherwise I am super organised on the washing front this week.

5)Finish vacuuming - I did 90% of the house yesterday but a few corners are awaiting my attention.

6)Bathroom scrub up - just a quick whizz around

7) Kitchen scrub up - Worktops and door/drawer fronts, appliance, unstack dishwasher. Scrub the floor.

8)Cut the grass.

9)Play in the garden (sorting out pots, raised beds etc - too much fun to be work).

10)Buy a jar of coffee and some margarine - might as well get it in Somerfields when i pick up the pasties, especially as it is next door to the chemist where I have to go for the meds.

I am off now to do my 'to do's