Sunday update

1) Pick up prescription for OH & pay for 12 month prescription prepayment card - cost £100 but savings in the hundreds because of the vast amount of meds we have to get to keep OH up and running in a year! Done & set up a DD to spread the cost over ten months
2)Stock up in Ginsters pasties from Somerfield. Each child is taking one of these for lunch every day at the moment & my mum has just phoned to say that they are on BOGOF this morning, so a chance to stock up. Have enough for kids lunchs for some time to come. Some days the take sanwiches, some days pasta & whatever I think off but sometimes they like a pasty or pie & this BOGOF makes them cheaper to buy than I can actually bake them for, plus they are yummy.

3)Finish sort out fridge and freezer. I have my new fridge freezer and have been migrating things across but today I can get everything sorted, then straight in my head & possibly a bit of labelling.Pretty much done plus I have started sorting out the food cupboards aswell and using mesh baskets to organise myself a bit better. Photos may follow.
4)Sort out clean washing -that's right all of this week washing is washed & dried and waiting to be put away! Oh will bring a few bundles of swimming washing to me after work but otherwise I am super organised on the washing front this week.

5)Finish vacuuming - I did 90% of the house yesterday but a few corners are awaiting my attention. Just need to finish upstairs,first job this morning.

6)Bathroom scrub up - just a quick whizz around Done

7) Kitchen scrub up - Worktops and door/drawer fronts, appliance, unstack dishwasher. Scrub the floor. Done except the floor mopping but it looks messy again now as I am sorting the cupboard. Just surface mess though and will be easy to return to neatness once I have finished.

8)Cut the grass. Done

9)Play in the garden (sorting out pots, raised beds etc - too much fun to be work).
Ran out of time but maybe today.

10)Buy a jar of coffee and some margarine - might as well get it in Somerfields when i pick up the pasties, especially as it is next door to the chemist where I have to go for the meds. Yes, and got them on a BOGOF as well. Might try shopping at Somerfield more often.

11)Car boot sale- not on my list but maybe I will take a stroll arond there morning as it is nice and sunny.

12)Make Tuna & pasta salad for lunch.


  1. Pasties? Are those meat pies? I don't think we have them here or maybe I never noticed...

  2. Hi Daizy
    Meat (beef -chunks not ground), potatoe cubes, swede and onions, all raw and then wrapped in shortcrust pastry and baked in the oven. They traditionally comes from Cornwall, the next door county to my home county of Devon so I feel our love of them might be genetic!

  3. Ah, I do believe I saw some on a travel show. Sounds yummy. Now there's another word I don't know..what is swede?

  4. I use mesh baskets in my food cupboard too.ov

  5. "Rutabaga" (from dialectal Swedish "rotabagge", root ram) is the common American English term for the plant, while "swede" (Swede) is the preferred term used in much of England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand and India.
    We learned something new again Daizt. Rutabaga sounds more intersting. I only like swede in pasties though, its too bland and lacklustre on its own.

    You could have told me before Sharon! They have been in the shed for years.


  6. Oh, rutabaga, I've never had one. I heard once that people in the background of tv shows say rutabaga and watermelon over and over so that they look like they are talking when they run out of things to say :)


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