Upsizing to Downsize

I was reading a blog this evening about aiming to downsize
Frugal Trenches is trying to downsize from a position of needing to work full time and without owning property, although also being debt free. Can it be done? Well of course I hope she finds what suits he best.
I don't know for sure but I would point anyone in the direction of Sharon who is an incredible woman and an inspiration.
Could we do it? No, If I am honest I don't think so. I am frugal, and I abhor waste, but I am happy to spend on what I consider to be assets that offer future security, so consequently I have a mortgage. I work 40plus hours a week (but I like my job - it matters )to get rid of my mortgage. I will do my best to keep working until the house is ours instead of belonging to Abbey. Then I can downsize or more accurately I can live my life in the style that I aspire too. (Actually downsizing would be pretty difficult as we already live in the world smallest house!). I am aiming for a long period of retirement & living more simply than we do now but I couldn't have done it without 30 or 40 years of 'playing the game' first. I admire those who started planning earlier & can reach their goals sooner in life & I do wish I had been a bit more sensible, but I am really going to appreciate my time at home when I finally get it!


  1. Me? Incredible? Get outta here! I'm just trying to get rid of debts and create a decent life for myself without having to go back to working all hours god sends and putting myself in hospital again. I'm pretty sure most people in my position would do the same. Needs must and all that :)

    I agree that it would have been nice to have planned things a bit more while I was younger but what's done is done and I've had a lot of fun along the way :)

  2. You are a good role model, no doubt about it.
    oh yes, I wish I hadnt been so wasteful of money. Never mind, too late now.



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