Late summer

Yaay, tomorrow we are off to Crete. Mum & Dad, me & my husband and teenage boys We have lots of friends out there and also some friends who are visiting at the same time as us. Its really a time and place for relaxation. We can work on the house but somehow it is still relaxing. I like very much that there is never trouble or theft. No litter (but plenty of naturally occurring mess - this is an island served au naturel!). We have the heaviest luggage ever. I have a little list of tasks for the morning but otherwise we are ready. I love that we have a sixteen year old, an eighteen year old, a seventy nine year old and an eighty year old in our family and they are all equally looking forward to their holiday and to their time together.


  1. That is wonderful that 3 generations can have a great vacation together. Have a splendid time!

  2. You have a house on Crete? I've never been there - was planning to once during my twenties but it fell through and have never really thought of going since.

    What kind of naturally occuring rubbish? I'm curious about that.

  3. Thanks Daizy, we will.
    Yes Sharon, thats where I met my husband, I was a waitress (who ran away from real life) and he was a fisherman, in our little village.
    Not rubbish, just mess. It just isnt quite as 'finished' as here. Roads fizzle out at the edges or aren't tarmacced at all. Big piles of stones wait for someone to do somethng with them. Just messy compared with northern europe, but in a good way!


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