To the family house & free entertainment

I'm real busy at the moment. We are off to the family house, three generations of us plus a few friends,in Crete at the end of the week. We don't normally do this at half term but Beloved was away when we went in the summer and he hasn't seen progress.

We are packing like super squirrels. Beloved has managed to pack his telescope and a bedside table (collapsible type obviously) in the main suitcase, along with almost infinite other treasures. He is a born packer, no doubt. Mum and I are hoping to start planning the garden whilst we are there this time. We need something which doesn't need too much attention (or too much water) but which is useful and attractive. I will be mainly goes for fruit trees and vines. We will need to be there for a greater part of the year before I develop the vegetable garden and getting my chickens sorted out. My next door neighbour has chickens and goats, plus a donkey (she tried learning to drive after her husband died but decided donkeys were the way to go after a few false starts) to help her get to market.

Secondly BBC iplayer has come into its own for me again this week. I have a TV license but I find it so difficult to watch TV that i usually give up trying. At the moment we can only seem to get ITV and to be honest there is just nothing on there even remotely watchable. When I went to my parents house on Saturday night they were watching Stephen Fry driving across America. Very watchable indeed. I had missed the first quarter, so today i visited BBC iplayer to download files onto my laptop instead. I have to log on though Internet explorer or else the iplayer website thinks I am in America and wont let me download. Other wise it is perfect (although I could do with more than 1 week to watch it). I love the BBC and I especially love Stephen Fry.

I am off to bed with my laptop now!


  1. How long does it take to get to Crete and how long do you stay? It sounds like a lovely place.

  2. Have a great time Lizzie :)

  3. Flight is 3.5 hours and another one hour drive when we get there. By then we are in a different world. Its lovely. I will bore you with photos when I get back!!!

    Thank you


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