Am I frugal, simple or just plain tight??

I am back! and back with a minor relaunch. I loved my blog template but it was so inflexible that it sadly had to go. I am also updating my blog roll shortly, so anyone who knows I visit and wonders why I don't admit it, I will soon, I just get a bit behind.

I read quite a few simple blogs, some frugal ones too and the odd money saving one (money saving like in best mortgage rather than like rice and beans for dinner.)I wondering if I am green, simple, frugal or what. I don't need to decide, I can just carry on being who I am. A mother who cares about the planet, trying to be a little sensible with my resources (cash, time, possessions....)to make tomorrow more secure for us. Precis that to - just trying to do the best for my family.

The holiday was lovely. The house is finished & landscaping should be finished by the summer. We are applying for planning consent to rent the house out for holidays. My friend Sue is happy to manage the place for us (a bit of extra income is always useful for farmers). She has already registered me for tax (thanks, I think). So maybe we pay the mortgage off a little quicker when this is in action. This is part of my long term plan. My dad also wants to renovate an old house on the property. He thinks we should live in the old house and rent out the family house but I don't think he really means it. I couldn't live 3000 miles from my parents when they are already 80. It was okay 20 years ago but now they might need I wont be running away.

Other frugal updates. I am looking for a new mortgage as my mortgage company is increasing rates when the bank is knocking 1.5% of the base rate. Not sure I am going to get one though as lending seems to have got a whole lot dirtier lately.

I have a few more frugal schemes in the pipeline. I have listed 20 games and 10 books on Amazon. I have 15 necklaces and pairs of earrings to list on eBay. I have already bought most of my Christmas presents, except the kids and the old fella. Things are not looking too bad and the house is looking much happier since it started getting a little more empty!

Okay, my frame of mine is now sufficiently positive to go off and start making list. Since I turn 45 (and cant keep a single thought in my head) lists are my friend for every occasion.


  1. Welcome Home Lizzie!
    You know whe all is said and done you can be whoever you want to be.
    You just have to remember which hat you have at the time lol
    Take care

  2. Sounds like you came back from Crete full of energy and ideas! Those are the best kind of vacations. The bad kind are when you need another holiday after your holiday :) Good luck with your plans!

  3. Welcome back, Lizzie, glad you had a good holiday. Caroline x

  4. Thank you everyone. I am full of bounce (like Tigger) but I had to have some serious sleep when I got back as our mattress out there was awful.



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