The Soap Shop

A few months back I had the idea that I would like a little shop of my own selling lovely, natural, simple items which I had found. A bit too dreamy sadly. Then I moved on to the possibility of an online shop and lately I have been thinking about an eBay shop.

When my husband came back from his travels, he brought for me 5kilos of beautiful olive oil soap. It keep my skin soft and clean and I don't use any additional moisturisers when I use it. It is excellent. I have recently come across the same bars selling on the Internet as Aleppo Gold at £5.25 a bar. He tells me that what he paid for my bars too (yeah, I bet!). I shows my husband the website, yes, says he, we have all that sort of thing so cheap. I just didn't think you would be interested!!!SO now I am wondering whether this might be a new little enterprise for me.

I have a sister in law that lives is quite business savvy and would find a little extra money useful. If the soap was shipped by surface mail then it would have a pretty minimal carbon footprint. All of the ingredients are natural and good for us, in fact the production is pretty much unchanged for the last 1300 years. in Aleppo,

I have another sister in law that lives near the dead sea. Maybe we could bottle up some mud or salt scrub too. Okay, I am getting a little carried away but I do like a project and this could be fun, plus it helps a couple of relatives who could really do with some help.

Hmmm, something to think about.


  1. What a lovely idea to have a "soap shop" - natural body friendly personal products are so important!

  2. Thank you. I'll send you a bar when we get started!!


  3. I love home business ideas like this. I hope it works out. I inherited my mom's habit of saving nice 'guest' soap and never using it. She'll use the soap now since she doesn't have to be as frugal as when she had 5 kids but I still hoard it and I don't even have kids.

  4. In the past we would have been laughed at for squirelling away like this but now times are a bit hard its become the done thing.
    Us squirrels rule!
    I'll send youa bar too if we ever get started!


  5. I love soap like day I'm hoping to make my own.

    It sounds like a good idea lizzie :)


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