Broadlands Christmas Craft Show

I really cracked on with my housework yesterday (and didn't get too sidelined by reading books/the Internet as very often happens to me.) so today looks like turning into a treat day for me.

First mission this morning is too make sure all of the laundry is dry and ready to be put away, second thing is to empty & re stack the dishwasher (Beloved comes from a culture where dishes can only be washed under running water so the dishwasher is a lower use of resource alternative - or so I keep telling myself as I don't much like washing up). Then I am off to the Hampshire Farmer Market in Winchester. I really enjoy a bit of a traipse around there & am intending to buy a crab or two for sandwiches as I a bit of a sea food craving going on. I am still counting this as work though because I might be in line for another treat later on.

After the market I have to come back and clean all of the new sanitary ware for the guest bathroom which Beloved is working on. Its not dirty dirty but has been stored outside at certain times during its life.

Beloved should be home at around 2pm and if its not raining we will be going to the Broadland Christmas Craft Show. We used to go to a lot of this sort of thing as we really like to see the craftsmen at work and the opportunity to see (and maybe even buy - shock horror) objects which are a little bit different. The fair is held in Marquees on the lawn of Broadlands Estate so it get a bit boggy when its wet.

After that we come home again and I do my eBay extravaganza.

So its all good today, even the stuff which I am counting as work Not sure why I do this, do I think I don't deserve so many treats? Maybe. Anyway It works for me.

Must go as I have a tight schedule to fit all my fun in today!


  1. Hello Lizzie
    How did the day go? Did you get any nice new totally unnecessary things? lol
    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    I was tempted. They had photos of Allbrook, the village where we now live, from the 1900's, beautiful bracelets made of semi previous stones and glass and a lovely Larimar (?) ring from Oz. A few years ago that would all have gone on the credit card. But ofcourse, though it is more sensible not to spend, I felt guilty for all the crafters who needed to make sales. oh, dear.


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