Buy Nothing Day

Today is buy nothing day. I failed. I would very often not be buying on a Saturday and I am not a shopper on any day but today I bought items by the armful. I went to MFI this morning. MFI are in receivership and if I could save a job or even postpone the end of a job for one person then I owuldnt go but my non visit wouldnt help anyone and I have a guest pathroom to fit out. First bathroom in view was still £816 after the 80%. Really no good to me. I was looking for a toilet and hand basin for about £50, in total. However I did find a lovely china bowl, a jug, a bread bin, a rolling pin, a pestle and mortar set, a whisk and various other kitchen goodies which are used as dressing on the kitchen sets. Big big bargain, almost free. My husband visited with me this afternoon, we found the shop had been stripped. We bought two sets of taps, cost yesterday was £108 & £115, total cost today £21. I dont get how the 80% discount works either but there were bargain a plenty.

This week I also had a new kitchen work juicer from freecycle (to make up for it I freecycled a toilet and basin which were brand new but well too big for the area that we have.I also have a shower tray to go)

I am going to try to have a buy nothing week to make up for missing the buy nothing day. Postage costs of goods sold on eBay are excluded, not my expenditure so I dont count it. For the rest there must be no top up shopping, no emergency lunch purchases becuase i forgot to bring food to work, no petrol. Its a habit I would like to get into every week not just this week.