Birthday Treat Time

My husband will be 44 tomorrow. Four times each year we have an indulgent and cholesterol laden dinner of steak in a cream sauce with chips (there may also be veg but that is incidental tot he overall plan). If there was no such this as cholesterol, fat, finance etc then we might have it more often but four times a year is actually just fine, keeps us wanting more!

His special treat is to cook for us. Bless him! Really he likes to cook for us but he especially doesn't like the idea that his meal of the year might be any less than perfect. So when he comes home from work tomorrow his treat is too cook for us all.

After dinner we will watch B movies together. He has a definite weakness for movies where the script and acting are dire. So what better way to spend the evening.

On a different subject entirely Beansprouts made me feel better about my occasional tumble drier habit but then got a bit of a telling off from half her readers. Just as well she didn't admit to the occasional bath (like me). When I was a teenager and wanted to be a bit wild, have a bath or drying my clothes would never have struck me as a possibility.


  1. Drying your clothes and having baths! You are such a rebel! Did you ever figure out how much energy your baths actually use or was it the using of so much water that was wasteful? I am very wasteful with the dryer but I only wash/dry one load a week. I couldn't take a bath even if I had enough water because my tiny RV water heater can't heat that much water at one time. By the time the bath was full it would be cold!

  2. I know. Always been a wild woman! We have a really efficient boiler so cost of heating is negligable. I am not certain why it worries me exactly but when i pull the plug and all the lovely hot disappears down the plug hole it just seems bad! I have another confession. I allow the cats to sleep on my bed (in it if my husband is away, tee hee!).
    Nice to have you back


  3. My cat used to sleep on my bed but I think she is getting too lazy to jump up there. I'm going to have to build her stairs!

  4. During the night I had the 2 Spaniels & Fluffy Lurcher crawl into bed with me, the others were on the covers. The Spaniels will quite happily spend the cold nights outside & they have 2 coats (their own fur, not barbour puppy jackets!), so why do they need to crawl under the bedclothes to keep warm?

    Stardust, Moonlight & Starlight (queen cats)sleep outside, Pahn is supposed to stay outside all the time, but tries to sneak in & ScrappyCat is allowed in the house. Scraps is convinced that the other dogs (she's also convinced that she's a dog) are there solely as beds for her, cuddling up with me if she can't find a suitable dog mattress

  5. my cats are ancient but they can still make it on to the bed. They are very attached to their cuddles!
    ha ha, thats a bed full Killi. You really dont need an electric blanket.


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