Monday, 17 November 2008

Soap Update

I was writing a little while ago about buying Aleppo soap, the kind that I use myself at home here, and selling it though mail order, maybe eBay. I asked my husband to see about having a shipment sent over, just as a trial run through. He has just told me he has order 50 kilo for me! All beautiful, handmade soap, from the oldest soap makers on the planet (check out this, not very detailed, article on Wikipedia Aleppo Soap), which is great but where do I store 50 kg of soap. My house is pretty small anyway & I will need to keep this dry and at the right temperature. Oh dear, but looking on the bright side, at least I said soap, there are far worse things I could be storing 50kg of!


  1. That's definitely a lot of soap. Hope you do well in your venture with it :)

  2. My goodness you certainly are going to have a load of soap on your hands.. Perhaps you can make up some multi buys for Ebay as Christmas gifts. I had never heard of this soap before, but now I have Google'd have some interesting articles about it.
    Good luck with your shop!!
    Jane xx

  3. I'll buy some when it arrives, just let me have the details

    Kim, Hereford Uk


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