Credit Crunch Shopping

Today I went shopping. I know, it could be considered a moment of weakness, but I did good!

I was preparing for the trip to Ostend on Saturday. I started off by buying some Euros at Thomas Cook. That was my worst deal of the day with a £1 buying just 1.02euro.

I then went to buy camera batteries. I went to the Robert Dyas, which is a chain of hardware stores, and found the front third of the store was reduced. All of the potential Christmas presents I guess. My batteries were on BOGOF, which was good for me as my camera is seriously heavy on batteries. Only Duracell's lasts any time at all and if I use rechargeable, as I do for most everything else, I have to change batteries every few pictures.

Next door again to the ladies cloth shop. There was several rail of sale clothing of the type you would be surprised that they could sell at all rather than surprised they are still knocking around. However I did spot a shelf of leather boots reduced by 70%. I normally buy a single pair of boots each winter but last years were a bit of disaster. Secondhand from eBay, they didn't live up to expectations, like staying up my leg. So I am mostly wearing the boots from the previous winter. I decided to spend £20 on a £60 pair of boots (not 70% I know but perhaps it said the famous 'up to ...%'). Good bargain I think. I also decide to spend an astonishing £20 on a pretty jumper as my Christmas treat. My total bill came to £31 and I cant made head nor tail of the receipt, by there was 25% off the whole bill, as far as I can see, so my boots actually cost £15. Ha! Great fun. On top of that there was 2.5% reduction for something else, maybe the VAT reduction but really I cant tell from the receipts.

Tonight I watched Nigella cooking for Christmas followed by Jamie cooking for Christmas. I dont know why these two are coming in for so much stick at the moment but both programmes were enjoyable viewing and I got a few ideas from them. I quite like the fact that they are both a bit greedy, as I am a bit of a piglet myself!

and on the subject of my pigletness,I have struggle with my weight for years. I read yesterday that some medication, which I have been taking for 11 years, causes weight gain & migraines, the two biggest negative issues that I have. I am making an appointment to see my GP over the Christmas break to see if there are alternatives for me. If this could be my escape from them then I would be ridiculously grateful.


  1. That would be great if changing your medication could fix both probems. It must be frustrating to know the medication was a factor and a bit of a hope that maybe things can change with a simple switch. Best of luck!

  2. I'd say you definitely bagged yourself some bargains there. I mean, being thrifty and green doesn't mean never having anything new, does it? It just means not going overboard and buying stuff you don't really need, just because you want it. Everybody deserves to treat themselves sometimes.

    Good luck with the medication switch.

  3. Actually it was a pretty good day all round, and if everything I have read about my meds is true then I am even happier!

  4. Well done on the bargains.

    I'm using Delia again for Christesmas! I've invited the new girl fronm Site & it's going to be somewhat interesting ~ we have to provide our own food as I can't eat meat & she's allergic to wheat & soya! I'm having a terrible job trying to convince her that she CAN have meat, it's just that I can't eat it. If my son were here I'd have done him a bacon joint. I think that she's looking forward to adapting Delia for herself. Even simple things that we take for granted use flour or breadcrumbs somewhere. I think it will be a very interesting time ~ 3 mad women (well 2 & a 12 yr old girl) tripping over puppies in a kitchen making food & trying to work out how to cook it ~ we have a sulking range that won't heat its own oven, a microwave & a Remoska


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