Personal Development

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do. I want to be careful with my cash, look after the environment, look after my family but I have other personal goals which I would like to achieve.

My headings have been ( I need structure to focus on my ideas);-
Things to learn.
Things to create.
Places to go.

Things I would like to have (pleased to say this is a very short list).
Things to do more often.

Things to learn has already got a few entries
1) Sing
2) Skiing – 28/12/08
3) Flying lesson
4) Salsa dancing
5) Architectural drawing
6) Take better photos
7) Ice cakes
8) Ride Horses

I am not sure if number 1 is even possible but I would love to be able to sing.

I have turned my back on a lot of activities which would have sat very comfortably in my life, in the interst of saving money. This may well have been the right thing to do but now I need to aim for some balance. I wont be spending thousands to indulge myself.

For number 2 I could have spend £500 on a cheapish skiing holiday in the Alps but I have opted for a £15 tester skiing lesson at the local dri slope. Beloved has agreed to come with me but I have the impression he doesn't think that skiing has a place in our future.

For number 5 again I could have gone for an activity holiday in a European capital. In the first instance I have ordered a second hand book from Amazon for £2.49 plus postage.I would like to be able to draw from life and from my imagination. I have ideas about design of buildings and landscaping but I am not currently able share with others and it is frustrating. This may help.

I have found a 5 week course at local evening classes to help me take better photos. A £55 this is my most major financial indulgence.

To balance up the additional expenditure I have sold three things on eBay and one on Amazon. Perhaps my photographic course will help with my ebaying. My photography can only get better.


  1. I'd like to sign up for #8 with you. Just tell me when you want to go! I can't find people around here that want to ride a horse :(

  2. Cool, shall I come to you? Then I can deal with an entry in my 'places to go' section too!

  3. Sure...and you can stay for free in my posh shed-house!


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