Personal development-just a little more to add

My personal development on a budget was going well until I checked out horse riding. £47 for 45 minutes! It was actually more expensive than a flying at £120 for a 2.5 hours session. I don't just want taster session of these things, some of them are activities that I want to include in my life going forward. I am looking for short term , quality, affordable training sessions that can then lead onto practice without an instructor or as part of a group. At the moment I am sticking with my photography, salsa and maybe skiing. Once I have had my initial activity I will decide what progresses and what gets ditched. I wont be continuing any that I don't find I enjoy or benefit from. I may be considering spending a small amount of cash but I am certainly not considering wasting it!


  1. Over a pound a minute for horse riding? I'm shocked! I used to go riding as a kid (young teen) and it hardly cost much at all back then (I don't know how much but my parents were very hard up so they would never have been able to afford it otherwise). My daughter also went horse regularly about 10 years ago in Manchester and that used to cost £2 for half an hour!

    I agree that there's no point continuing with activities that don't give you what you're after. I'm forever being told I change my mind too often but I don't see it like that at all, I see it as tasting different aspects of life and keeping those I particular enjoy and ditching those I don't. Why should anybody have to stick with something that isn't giving them what they want/need?

  2. There's a trail ride by my house for $27 per hour. Probably just walking though. Trail horses don't seem do be very energetic except when they're going home. Now you just have to pay for the airfare!

  3. Hi Sharon. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. I know, I couldnt beleive it either.Perhaps thats why I gave it a miss previously.
    I know, whats the point. You try and you like or you try and you dont like. If I didnt like home cooking I might continue anyway because its better for the family, but if I dont like salsa dancing or skiing then who benefits with my continuing. Weird.
    Hi Daizy
    Bargain, except I might need lessons rather than just rent-a-horse, to start with. Yep, just £600 on airfare then!



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