Working hard here this Sunday

Not true. I am reading blogs and eating breakfast crumpets. However I did find a lovely new blog which I wanted to share. Try this The Greening of Gavin. I have just had a tour of their lovely garden.

I am convincing myself I am working at the moment but running a couple of scans on my machine as I skip around the blogs. I promise to do more this pm, honest. Plans for the day include;
Hanging re-varnished mirror and shelf into the upstairs bathroom - yes the leak is finally fixed and the tiling complete. Bathrooms looks lovely and I will take photos today.
Wash and return all of the coloured bottles to the shelf. I know this is clutter but its really pretty when the sun shines through the bottles and its not in any ones way and...well, I just like them.
Varnish bathroom door and possibly bedroom doors as well.
Cook yummy dinner - I know I do this every day but today more time might equal exciting meal.
Make some bread. Get to grips with the bread maker or is this asking the impossible.

Anyway, enough skiving, my bathroom is calling


  1. My mantra when deciding whether or not something is clutter: Is it really useful or truly beautiful? If yes, it stays. As long as you enjoy your bottles, they're not clutter in my book :)

  2. Then thats what I will go with. I love glass, especially blue glass, just so beautiful.

  3. Re-acquainting myself with my bread maker is always at the bottom of my list. So far, I've never made it to the bottom of my list. Good luck with the chores!

  4. Hi Lizzie. Thanks for the compliment about my garden. Summertime is always hard work, especially when it is so dry, but well worth the effort.


  5. Its not that I hate my breadmaker Daizy, it just hates me ( still - and I didnt do anything with it today!)
    Hi Gavin, I was inspired. My garden is minute but I can definitely use pots and troughs. I think I need to read up on plants a bit more though & treat them a little more kindly.


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