My secret weapon

Okay, its just a diary. But I think it is earning its place in my bag!

I have set myself daily housekeeping tasks.

I have created a space on the first Sunday of each month to learn a skill. This started off a frugal skill but if I fancy non frugal skills too, then I will.

My activities like the photography class & the Salsa dancing are in, for a bit of balance.

I have included my actual appointments (vet and chiropractor spring to mind)

I have allocated a Saturday slot to special tasks. Wardrobe clear out, desk sort out, all the usual things.

There is a Sunday slot for baking a cake. Recipes to be suggested by my sons (who are definitely in charge of cake eating). The first cake was a home spun recipe for fudge cake.

Next thing I need to add are my gardening plans for the year. Which plants, when the seeds go in, when to plant them outside, when to feed. Real bite size pieces because this is a pretty new area for me to conquer successfully in this way.

If I can get all of my main housekeeping tasks completed during the week I can do a more in depth session, on areas which I like,at the weekends.

Its possible my secret weapon might actually be working.


  1. Blooming 'eck! You're organised, aren't you? I just know that even if I didn't have fluctuating energy levels I couldn't stick to plan like that - I'm more a "do it when I feel in the right mood for it" kinda gal :)

    Learning new skills is good - useful ones that help lead us away from the consumer society but I do think we need to balance them with skills that are learned purely for pleasure. I really don't think any skill is a waste of time learning so good luck with whatever you choose to learn this year.

  2. I am at work but home is bordering on chaos, so I wondered if the work system would do its magic at home as well. Too early to say for sure.

    Thats what I was tihnking. They started off all good and virtuous but not a lot of fun so now I am aiming for a mix.Fun can get lost sometimes.


  3. I am learning organization is key to staying sane. lol! I hope it does work for you.

    BTW, I will bring over a large glass of milk if I can share in your fudge cake. ;)

  4. Too late, Moneyfunk. They have eaten both cakes. Nothing left but a few crumbs on plate two! Have to be quicker off the mark!


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