Super Economy Mode

We are having to move onto super economy mode. Vet bills and chiropractor bills (and did I mention the 400euro water bill for the buried meter - yes I did, but I wanted to mention it again) have made an enormous dent in the finances this month.

Two more weeks to go but we have plenty more chiropractor visits to come & at least a couple of vet visits too. However it is paying dividends, Lulu & I are both feeling much better. I have had neck problems and lower back problems since a car accident in 1997. For the last few years there have also been migraines, worse with every year that passes. My lower back is very painful if I walk for more than about 10 minutes and the back is numb on the surface. I have visited doctors and physios for all of this period, my drug intake went up and up over the years, now ibuprofen, paracetamol and amitryptyline are in daily use. My chiropractor is amazing. I haven't had a painkiller in a week. I am weening myself of the amitryptyline as well.I am still in some pain for the 'adjustments' but overall the improvement is amazing. Well worth spending every penny on!

I don't begrudge any payment to the vet either. Lulu is improving each day. I really think she is going to be with us for a while now. I will be glad when she finishes her steroid as I think they are making her grumpy, but otherwise we can lit fine as she is. She doesn't move or sit like my cat but she doesn't appear to be in pain or distress. She purrs!!

We have economised as much as we can on household expenditure to ensure that we pay for our costs in the month rather than paying over the coming months. It has shown me how much we can cut down if we really need to. However it has made work on the guest bathroom grind to a halt! We were too stressed (and too broke) for any more work in there! My health and that of my cat are top of the list for the moment & we are definitely appreciating every improvement.


  1. I am so relieved for both of you! Onwards and upwards!

  2. So glad to hear Lulu is on the mend :) Hope your back continues to get better :) x

  3. Glad to hear that Lulu is getting better & that your back & neck are benefiting from the chiropractor. I've got a trapped nerve in my neck at the mo so you have my sympathy. Might see if I can find A chiropractor & give it a go.


    Hereford uk

  4. Very happy household in Allbrook this week! Thank you all for checking on us!
    Kim, go for it. If your chiropractor is anything like mine the you will be amazed!

    Yay Lulu is right!!

    Sharon, I am trying to add you on facebook but not sure which one is you.Help!

  5. It sounds like you have a really good plan to move foward. Really pleased LuLu is better!

    Re my blog, I replied but incase you don't check, do you know what qualifications you need re being a swim instructor? That is wonderful your hubby is so happy as one!


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