I am fairly sensible in m u shopping. I do a sort of half meal plan thing too but on the whole I am pretty organised with my food provision. I have a big gap in my knowledge though. The only way I know what I have in my freezers, fridges or cupboard is to check or to try to remember (pretend to remember might be a better way to put it). A new notebook is required! I am going to go though my food storage at the weekend and do a stock count. AFter we re-organise the kitchen I will have a larder (just waiting for the guest bathroom etc to be finished first)so its a good diea to get into this habit whilst I still have small storage space. Goodness knows how much I could lose in a bigger space!


  1. I keep a running list on my laptop of everything that's in my freezer/food cupboard. Well... I did, but since I've been out of action for a while my daughter's been in charge of the kitchen so I've no idea what's out there anymore. Once I'm strong again I'll make a new list though... it's one of those things that I found made life so much easier. Menu planning and shopping was a doddle compared to the 'old days' where everything was based on guess work.

  2. i was thinking note book but computer is a much better idea. Thank you.


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