Weekend Plans

I know, I know. Its only Thursday. We were away last weekend, having a lovely time in France. Lovely time in France equals no time at home though so I am looking forward to my weekend at home doing domesticated things.

As usual there is a charity drop required. I am slowly, oh so slowly, emptying the house of its major clutter. Ia m also planning to start sorting out stuff to go on eBay. I do this for a while and then get lazy, then I forget I ever do it. So time for a kick start there.

On top of that there is the usual cleaning. Last weekends cleaning was minimal so it needs to be a bit of a deep clean this week. Also laundry. Always laundry. I have booked my shopping to arrive on Saturday afternoon so that I dont have to leavae my lovely house.

I was also going to set up my inventory in Excel but somehow Excel seems to have disappeared. How does that happen. I use it on this computer for years and suddenly I don't have it. So, something else to do at the weekend.


  1. Sounds like my weekend...clean and de-clutter! Can I come over and help? I am avoiding my own clutter.

  2. good luck with the de cluttering Lizzie, that's all me and you seem to do!

  3. Is it just becasue we had too much stuff in the first place or our houses are super efficent now ( I know the answer in my case!)


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