What is it about Saturday mornings. My head feels like I partied until 3am. In reality I was in bed with a good book by 11pm and haven't had a glass of wine in a week. Something about the weekend allows my headaches to run riot.

However I wont let it beat me. Half an hour of blog reading whilst I drink my coffee and then off to meet my day.

Stripping the bedding.
Last two under bed boxes out from under my bed for sort out and disposal.
A small bed side table is coming downstairs to be a printer table.
A quick trip to pay in cheques at the bank.
To the chemist for some pain relieving balm for my husbands back (should be good, its recommended by a friend who broke their neck!)
Buying a small piece of lamb for a treat lunch for everyone. I don't buy red meat very often so i thought i would make them smile today.
Maybe a haircut if i can find the time.
Small bookcase to go upstairs.
Tidy, vacuum and floor scrub in the sitting room.
Same in the kitchen.
Wash, dry and sort washing.
Collapse in a bed exhausted heap!
Oops, forgot, I should also put clean sheets on our bed. In reality i very often forget and go up to bed to be quite surprised to find a mattress and pile of pillows only


  1. The times I've been met with a bare mattress and a pile of pillows! Isn't that just so annoying when you're dead tired and just want to drop into bed?

  2. & worse. I dont learn. I am going up to do it now!

  3. Hello Lizzie
    Seems to be a worldwide phenonemon - forgetting to make the bed up fresh. Happened to us last night when as Sharon says you're dead tired, grumpy and just want to go to bed.
    At least your bedrooms are upstairs mine's by the front door so you'd think I do it right after stripping the bed lol
    Take care

  4. haha, no excuses for you then Cathy. Thats my trouble, out of sight!and out of mind!

  5. You get all of that done with a headache? Amazing! I wonder what you do when you don't have a headache? When I have a headache I usually nap the day away.

  6. It went within an hour but I have to get up or it stays, unless its a migraine ofcourse and then I cant get up anyway. I did get quite a bit done but i think its easier for me. Doing my washing is just stick in machine, not haul water (dig well???) like it is for you. I am a lazy house dweller!


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