When the cats away...

Have you ever noticed how the dynamics of the home changes when one member is away.

My husband has been away now for 7 days and I notice that we behave completely differently in his absence. Meals are a lot less formal, we seem to eat leftovers or snacky foods every day. I have been just as busy but have undertaken some larger jobs, like sorting out the contents of the wardrobe, because I know I can leave things over night instead of having everything put everything away when I run our of time. I have started o sit and knit in the evening, if the cat will allow. The cat has also taken to sleeping on his side of the bed. I can see him being very impressed with that (not).

Despite the 'cats away, mice will play' feel to the house it will be good to collect him from the airport on Saturday and start to get back to normal. I have a feeling we will be talking about our future plans because emotional upheavals to tend to cause people to re-evaluate what is important.

In the meantime I will be taking the opportunity to watch trashy DVDs in bed and eat nutritionally unbalanced meals whilst I can!


  1. If it wasn't different when he was away, then how would you ever know how good it was to have him there?

    Enjoy it while you can, and enjoy life even more when he's back. Pure joy.


  2. Too true. I will appreciate him more next week! Me and the boys are enjoying the 'holiday' feeling a bit though!


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