Sunshine makes me smile

The whole weekend should have been wet and icky according to the BBC. They lied. A few dark clouds yesterday but mostly sunshine and again the this morning. I love it. It gives me energy and makes me smile. I do enjoy winter and I like having different weather but early spring sunshine is my favourite.

I have a few things to do in the house but today is mainly a garden day. My son is still working 6 long days each week (he is self employed so there is no maximum working hours for him)so I figure I will keep the house nice and quiet and let him sleep as long as he possibly can.

I am still planning to make marmalade & bread/pizza bases this pm. Also a macaroni cheese and a coronation chicken pasta for the next few days lunches. Today lunch is a beef stir fry. We will be buzzing with vitality from all those veggies!

This afternoon I am trusty assistant for the old man as he fills in some plasterwork gaps left by the electrician. We also plan to clean his car and to mount some decals which advertise the swim school. This evening I am spending some time with my graph paper. Its more exciting than it sounds. I have to draw the plans for the front porch to send off to the council. I also have in my mind the plan for the kitchen refurbishment, which is getting closer.

Tomorrow the electrician visits again. Once the electrics are sorted then my husband can fit the ceiling in the new bathroom and then comes the tiling and sanitary ware. The kitchen refurbishment is getting closer and closer.


  1. Trusty assistant - we women, our job descriptions are so very complex. lol


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