Friday, 9 October 2009

Catch up weekend

I havn't spent as much time as I like to on my blog since holiday. I have been madly busy as usual and also my laptop is still in the shop havings its transplant. However I have a had a bit of a chance to catch up on blog reading (although I cant seem to comment using this machine, something to do with my proxy server???). I am a little envious of two of the bloggers I follow & some people might say they are lucky, but you only have to read their individual blogs to realise that planning, goal setting, hard work and discipline are far more responsible than luck. Reminding me that when we bought the house in Crete lot of people told me how lucky we were. Hmm, well sort of but the harder I work the luckier I get. All the same I am a little envious of Laura & Daizy,who are both making an impressive bid for freedom from the rat race (or mouse racing as I heard on Kingdom, sounds much nicer).

I have been off work for a couple of days with a cold and chest infection. I feel better today but not fit for much. This meant plenty of chance for 'work' on the laoptop. Financial plans have been overhauled, budgets prepared, lots of reading on MSE site and forums for frugal tips, changed power suppliers and started analysing our needs with landline suppliers. As a direct money making ploy,I have also listed lots of clothes & other goodies on ebay, changed energy supplier via quidco to get £60 cash back and booked two mystery shopping session for my husband ( he likes them, makes him feel like secret squirrel, and I am feeling better but still too poorly for that sort of thing)and applied for a tax refund based on an old P60 I found whilst looking for something else.

I feel quite invigorated by having the chance to sit and think for a while. Maybe being ill sometimes is there for a reason. and as it is FRiday I now have two days to catch up on housework and some of the other things i had planned.

Hurray for enforced sloth, once in a while!


  1. Hope you are feeling better and that your laptop comes through alright.

    Glad to see you had a great trip as well!

  2. I love that you envy me. :) Just today a coworker was looking at me with pity (and I think a little disgust)because she thinks I live far below normal standards. I do feel lucky and I'm glad I have friends like you who share and understand the frugal dream.

  3. Hi Lizzie, you have been busy with the money making; it's good to go back to MSE now and again and analyse all your costs, I need to do this!

    Thank you for your kind words, I do feel lucky, but I also know that it's the plans and lifestlye changes we've made in the last 3 years that have got us to this point...I feel a blog post coming on :-)

  4. Hi MW, feeling a bit better but still no sign of my laptop. Fingers crossed for this week.

    Hi Daizy
    She is mad. You will have your freedom and really live your life when she is doing what???? I picture your future home like something something from 101 dalmations (but obviously with mixed stiock, not all spotty) and one grumpy looking cat in the middle, who would dearly like to tell you off.
    Hi Laura
    Very exciting time for you & you can be proud you have put yourself in this position, where you can choose your road.
    Actually I could learn to be a bit more disciplined form all three of you! Of to contmeplate the future now!!!


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