and finally....

My old laptop is home. They have kept it so long that I didn't think I was ever going to see it but apparently I should have phoned! They are right, i should have but as they said they would phone me then I thought they meant it. Anyway it is back, working as well as laptop of its grand age can and more importantly they saved the photos and my ramblings, which I thought I had accidentally deleted when I tried restore to back up. I could of course manage without the laptop but I would have been sad to lose the photos and my writing. This week I am making an effort to back everything up properly.

Its all change at my work next week. I have a new boss. I have answered directly to the director of finance for the last ten years (eek!) but the board have decided he now needs a direct assistant, so now we have a Group Financial Controller. I didn't apply for the job as I prefer the day to day management of the team, which I will still have,in fact I will have even more of as staff in the other locations will also report to me going forward. But all the same its a bit unsettling. I am wondering whether I do want to work for so much longer. I know I want to work, I don't like the idea of sitting aournd doing nothing, but I am not sure I want to work at my same job. I wish I could be a definite in my plans as some bloggers whose blogs I read.

Today we are at home on day two of our week off. My car is in the garage (its a lot easier to do this sort of thing when we have time of so servicing etc get caugt up). We also made repairs to the stairs. The house is over 100 years old and in places it is definitely fallen to bits. Anyway it is slightly less falling to bits today than it was yesterday. Some holes and a rather dodgy shelf (yes, put up by me originally) have been sorted out in the sitting room. By tomorrow it will be all smoother plaster which just needs painting over. Tonight my son is coming home with a couple of mates to sleep over. I hope it not mean to ask them to move my desk and filing cabinet upstairs to my new office. I am sure they wont mind, especially as the stairs have been mended!!

We also started to talk about a few changes to our house renovation plans today. Maybe things will change in the area that has yet to be touched. Its quite excitying but we need to talk more to be sure its the right decision as it is more expense (isnt everything!)


  1. That's what I need, a vacation to catch up on everything I've been putting off. Some people might call it boring. I think it would be grand!

  2. Congrats on getting your laptop back. Hopefully it didn't cost too much! Enjoy your week off!

  3. Surprisingly reasonable. Now the power cord has broken. Unbeleivable!


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