Sunday morning

Still feeling a bit rough actually but off to work tomorrow. Sometimes being back in the office makes me feel better as I have less time to dwell on being ill.

I did do a fair bit of housework yesterday and the place looks as good as it can as a building site and general tool store. Today I need to do some planning for winter. This includes measure up for curtains in the conservatory. We didn't need them in the summer but it got very cold out here last winter so thermal curtains should help there. We also need to back the radiators with the metal sheets which reflect the heat back into the room as the wooden walls just absorb all the lovely heat at the moment. If I am talking about winter then the fly curtains (double width bamboo curtains on the conservatory double doors) can come down.

I also need to package the bits and bobs which I sold on eBay. I intended to advertise some model cars as well but they don't seem to be going very well at the moment. I guess its easier to sell essentials than luxury items in the recession & I don't think anyone could call model cars an essential. SO they are going back into the attic for another time. It is a good time to sell gold apparently as gold is at its highest ever price, according to a man on the radio yesterday. I cant think how this fits in with the problems of the global economy but I am sure there is a correlation. I suspect that all my stray earrings and broken chains don't make an ounce between them so I wont be rich.

My husnand carried out his mystery shopping successfully. It doesnt pay much but he thinks its great fun so I am looking out for more for him. At one shop he had to buy some mens clothes and bought some trousers which were reduced from £25 to £12.50 and then another 25% off, so he decided to keep his purchase. We only made about £1 but it didnt take 30 minutes in total and he loves he new free trousers. At the bank he had to pay in a cheque and make an enquiry. He kept phoning me form his mobile to tell me the answers in case he forgot them so I half expected his to be arrested as he was looking very much like a bank robber, casing the joint. I was quite pleased when he made it home to us at all. He also started investigating how to fix the kids games consols & mended an ancient PS2 & xbox 360 without much trouble. We used to use the games consols to watch DVDs so we have watched some old boxed sets of 24 and Bones this week. Great fun, especially if you dont normally watch TV.

ok, time to get moving & do some work and also my neighbours cat (we should call her rent-a cat, they feed her but otherwise she has moved in here)has come in for her daily cuddle.


  1. broken chains and odd earrings - you might be able to get some money for them! There's a thread on MSE about this and there's a company called webuyoldgold that has been recommended by loads of people. I'm sending off some of my broken chains and earrings to them and hopefully will get a bit of cash for them :)

    Gem xx

  2.'ve been adopted by your neighbor's cat. How sweet. Mine would probably love to move in with you to get as far away from my dogs as possible!

  3. Hi Gem
    Tried your advice and today they phoned and offered me just under £100 for a bag of broken bits. Thank you!
    Hi Daizy
    I have but she is super fluffy, not my favourite design of cat & definite issues with her breath! Yep, mail her over, she looks like my favourite kind of cat!!



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