Friday, 16 October 2009

So much excitement.....

The weekend has caught up with me quickly. It seems like it should only be Thursday tomorrow but I am glad it is Saturday. I don't like that the weeks go so quickly but I think it probably reflects my contentment with my life. Surely it would drag by other wise. So its Friday night and we are at home, watching an ancient DVD, snuggled under quilts on the sofas. It is nowhere near cold enough for heating yet, we haven't even started shutting the door curtains yet, but the blankets make it cosy and comfy.

Tomorrow I plan day of washing & cleaning, a little grocery shopping (Asian and Chinese supermarkets - fun to visit and good for bargains) and perhaps finish off my new office. ON Saturday evening my son and I will visit my parents whilst my husband does his volunteer lifesaving teaching at the local pool. Same old, same old. Should I be revolting against the mundane, the endless repetition? I cant. Its an established pattern but we all seem to like it.

If I finish all of my chores tomorrow then I will spend Sunday re-working the budget. I have got a new deal of phone costs, both mobile and land line which I also need to weave into the mix. For fun I might also bake a cake.

I have to admit it is a bit low on excitement. When we have finished the Crete house I would like to travel again. To visit new places and brush against other cultures. Travel is about the only thing I miss from my current life. But I know its place will be back soon. In the mean while, I am content.


  1. It was so hot here today that I had to turn the air conditioner back on. Please send some cooler weather my way...and some cake!


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