Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas prep

I like to leave it quite close to Christmas before I start on my Christmas chores. Wrapping presents in October isnt appealing. It definitely focuses the mind when you have a weekend to do everything.

Today my list is -
Buy presents ( I know what i want & where to get them from)I have already bought the
Buy groceries - again I have a list but i havnt decided when to visit the shop yet, as everyone else in hampshire is visiting at the same time.
Dye hair - I am as grey as a badger.
Pluck eyebrows - okay, perhaps not essnetial but I do look better when a bit more styled.
Make curtains for the conservatory.
Pay sons cheque into the bank.
Fit the fan in the new bathroom (I am trusty assistant not main person).
Vacuum upstairs
Vacuum Downstairs
Tidy each room (not a big deal except conservatory - tools, wood etc from the bathroom work).
Clean bathroom
Buy presents for my children from my mum.
Wrap presents.
Clear kitchen worktops and windowsills & laundry area.
Logon to work and do a couple of hours on preparing forecasts for loading.
Saturday evening at mums house with all the fmaily, we will make plans for ater in the week.

If time left then i want to make some fudge, peanut brittle, rocky road & a few other bits.

Only snag is a sore throat but its not too bad as long as i dont talk or cough. Can I manage Christmas without talking, hmmmm.

That actually sounds like a lovely but busy weekend to me.


  1. Good luck with your chore list. I was so lazy today that I didn't do laundry. Now I have to take dirty clothes on my trip. Oh well, that's what family is for right? Free indoor laundry facilities!

  2. Hope your sore throat didn't end up amounting to anything.

  3. Good idea Daizy. Less hauling water? I am happy doing my sons three bin bags of washing this week. I am sure your mum will be the same.

    Still sore but if it doesnt get worse than this I will be happy. I sound a bit like Tina Turner when I amswer the phone!

  4. Hiya Lizzie :-)

    Just stopping by to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas, enjoy!!


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