Wednesday, 16 December 2009

See I was right

to be in denial. Spent the morning at the hospital with the old chap today. He needs minor surgery, definitely not cancer. Christmas is officially un-cancelled.

Which is good because I love Christmas. We have a £10 rule for presents apart from the kids. Kids limit is more like £50 quid. Partner limit this year is £30. Presents are also supposed to be homemade, but can also be secondhand & have to be creative. No problem there then. This weekend I have to do all of the food shopping, the present shopping & decorate the house. I didn't feel like doing any of this before but now I am feeling very Christmassy and full of enthusiasm.

I have made a Christmas list for myself because everyone wants ideas. I would like a tool for etching glass (which means home made gifts next year - more saving) & a really large roasting pan. Now that we are a family of five for food in the evening I really need a big pan as we keep running out of potatoes.


  1. So glad to here it isn't something horrible and Christmas is back on.

  2. So happy for you and your whole family that you can all now 'settle' a bit ;-) Must be the greatest relief and so near to Christmas too.

    Early, but here's to a very boring and uneventful 2010, eh?!

    All the best . . .

  3. Thank you both.
    Boring and uneventful is fine with me. Bring it on!


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