I really love my job

Not always but really, deep down, I do. We house people who cant house themselves. People in housing need. We have nearly nearly 20,000 homes, so we house something like 50,000 people.

Today we had our Christmas party. A pretty venue, mediocre food and quite a bit of wine(which we buy ourselves, we cant waste the organisations money but we can still waste a bit of our own once a year).

We dont often get to see each other all togther. We are a big organisation these days and quite spread out. But I was reminded when talking to people today that although it was Christmas and we were having fun, we most of us do what we do because it matters to us that we make a difference. Lots of us got our jobs in the industry by chance but we stayed. Sometimes people dont get it. They think its just a job. They move on. Thats fine too. The rest of us turn into some weird extended family. We dont talk about it much but we know. I dont want to work full time for ever but for as long I decide to work then I wont be leaving the industry. If I am honest I probably wont even change my job. Um, unless i get the sack of course!


  1. That is a great thing to love your job. It makes getting out of bed every day easier. And getting paid to do something meaningful is an added bonus.

  2. It sounds a most rewarding job, and probably best that those who leave, do. The ones who stay, and enjoy it, no doubt feel something those others never would. :-)

  3. Hi Lizzie!

    You are very fortunate to work in an area you love as well as with people you like.

  4. I am alucky woman, its true!


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