Mid Life crisis??

If this is a mid life crisis then lead me to it. Its great. Earlier in the week I was writing about loving my work & being so fond of my staff (most but not quite all, I am not that lucky!). My son has been moving back in over the weekend. We have the same sense of humour so it really has been a laugh a minute. I trying hard not to worry about the old man until we know there is really something to worry about. He is obviously worried though and is really short tempered. I want to help him but if I talk then it always wrong so I dont and its far less problematic. Strangely even his short temper isn't really bothering me, I would just prefer he was happy. On Wednesday we will have the investigation at the hospital. Then we have an idea of what happens. I think it is the possibility of this sort of thing which makes everything else so easy. It just puts it all into perspective.

Today we had a great day planned. To Winchester for the farmers market, then to walk around the Christmas market at the cathedral. Between 4 and 6 he is filming 'I'd like to teach the world to swim'. I am not sure what that means but i see synchronised swimming to choral music in my minds eye. I know the Winchester Chorall Society are the musicians. After that he is going out with his friends from the Swim School where he works at the weekend for their Christmas Party. We took 1.5 hours to park! By then the farmers market was closing and there was nothing left that we wanted. We went to the Christmas market but it was so crowded that you really couldn't see anything or think about stopping. We saved a lot of money anyway I guess. Even though plans were entirely shot by now the cathedral was so beautiful that i was almost in tears looking at it (which is why are think hormones are involved, surely this cant be normal). Anyway now i have dropped him at the pool and later i will collect him from the pub. I have a few hours at home on my own. I am going to do a little cleaning, finish the laundry and catch up on paperwork and even that sounds like fun. Weird or what??

These photos are of the Christmas market. You can see alittle of the cathedral in the background, but probably not enough to make you cry!and there is a photo of my eldest son too, just because I thought it was a good picture.


  1. Reminds me of a market I went to in Vienna once. I didn't buy anything but it was pretty. Ice skating is something I certainly don't see in Arizona. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Gorgeous photos Lizzie! It makes me want to be there too.


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