TVP and ski cross

Anyone watching the Winter Olympics. Currently showing is Ski Cross. I have never heard of it and actually switched on for some mens downhill but this is streets ahead. Really exciting stuff. The course looks like it was designed by a roller coaster engineer & they have to race four at a time. Amazing stuff. Go on, switch it on!

Tomorrow I am making spag bol for dinner. I have minced beef but am going to pad with soya chunks for the first time ever. Its much cheaper but also healthier so its worth a try I think. Wonder if they will catch me out.

We had sort of home made pizzas last week for the first time in 15 years. I set out dishes of different ingredients and everyone topped their own pizza base. Great success except the bases were like old cardboard. Jamal experimented with naan bread as pizza base during the week and it was yummy, and cheaper. Homemade naan pizzas back on the menu next I think.

Just watching the Hairy Bikers Mum Knows Best - Birthday Show. A Cypriot mama made a Lebanese ground rice pudding and I remembered we used always to make it when the children were small. They couldn't remember it so it must have been a few years back. Anyway they have asked for it to be brought back on the menu now. I am wondering how many other regular dishes I have forgotten. The more I think about it I am not actually that keen on getting old and lose my brain cells.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Monday morning here and w hat a coincidence - have the same thing on our tv at the moment. Came on line and see you talking about it as well. New to me - bit like Motor Cross but on skis - love it. Shorter than downhill and mor exciting - well I think so
    Take care

  2. The SkiCross did look interesting. I had to go and couldn't watch much of it.


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