Ski cross & TVP - part 2

There is womens Ski Cross to come later in the week. Yaay!

Either there is something wrong with my TVP or the people that write and say that you cant tell it from meat have never actually eaten meat. It looks like dog meat floating in my bolognese sauce. I have attacked it with the potato masher to try to improve the look. It has the texture of mushroom past their prime & tastes of card board. Yummy. I can see the whole thing ending up in the rubbish. I have already thrown away the rest of the packet in case I ever had the urge to ruin good food with it again in future. The only thing i can think is that perhaps i could crush loads of garlic and add that as well. Anyway, we will see who noticed. I haven't mentioned it so everyone is expecting 'real' bolognese. I don't think my frugal ways turned out to be very frual this time.


  1. I have never tried TVP or seen it. I have tried tofu and was not impressed. Good luck with the mystery "meat" surprise.

  2. *LOL*

    I love TVP, but I forget what meat is like as I haven't eaten it for almost 30 years!

    I do remember enough to not try to pass it off as meat, though!

    I love tofu, Daizy! :)

  3. I have to confess that the pasta sauce is actually lovely. I fished out the dog meat sized bits, blended them and returned them to the sauce. I think its lovely because i kept adding tasty things to help it along so it actually has soy sauce, garlic, black pepper, marigold veg stock, beef stock cubes, Worcester sauce. I don't even want to think about how much MSG is in that lot but eldest son is on his second bowl!


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